IoT open doors to all forms of exciting and new opportunities to explore − new jobs, industries, and businesses. IoT is revolutionizing the way we live our everyday lives! Just like how the connectivity between these different objects are so diverse, the application of IoT is extremely multidisciplinary!

We need people from all majors and specializations to tell us how to best implement, integrate, and utilize IoT. This could includes urban studies, architecture, engineer majors to design the infrastructure behind these smart cities. Computer science and technology majors to manage the data coding. Science majors to help integrate IoT into health. Even art majors play a huge role to the design! These are just to name some few of the many examples, but the possibilities are endless!

IoT is an exciting, new integrative platform that seeks to collaborate knowledge and insight from all fields of expertise. It’s a big evolution and we need all the help we can get!

Early adopters

IoT technologies have applications across the entire spectrum of industries, from energy and natural resources to healthcare and biotechnology to manufacturing and retail to financial services and IT. IoT fits at every scale, too, from a bakery owned by one person and employing three assistants to a family-run factory with a staff of one hundred to a large publicly trade mining operation with global reach.

Calit2-UCI is committed to helping eager adopters smartify their homes, businesses and indeed their very lives. Whether you are interested in maximizing the comforts of your home through smart automation or a small business owner looking to stretch your budget or the head of a large manufacturing operation with a long list of possible optimizations, we are interested in hearing from and working with you. Indeed, we expect that much of IoT’s growth hinges on your creativity: the technology is exploding into a massive uncharted space, and while we are here to help get you off the ground, it is ultimately up to you to decide what to do with it.

How’s how to get involved now:

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