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Intelligence on Demand
Walter O’Brien (hacker name: “Scorpion”)
Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015
4:30 p.m.
Calit2 Building Auditorium
UC Irvine

Walter O’Brien (hacker name: “Scorpion”) was diagnosed as a child prodigy with an IQ of 197 and at 13 years old started his company Scorpion has mitigated risk for seven years on $1.9 trillion of investments and has invented and applied Artificial Intelligence engines to protect United States war fighters in Afghanistan. Scorpion is now a think tank for hire that provides intelligence on demand as a concierge service for funded challenges through Since 1988, Scorpion’s team of world class experts partner with clients on a global basis, across industries, to add real measurable value in mission-critical initiatives from planning, to execution, to running the business. Scorpion’s senior management has a collective knowledge of more than 413 technologies, 210 years in IT, and 1,360 projects. Scorpion has created more than 177 unique technology inventions including ScenGen and WinLocX, and is one of the world’s leading experts in the application of computer science and artificial intelligence to solve complex industry challenges.

Scorpion was born and raised in Ireland, and at age 16 ranked first in national high speed computer problem solving competitions. At 18 he competed in the World Olympics in Informatics and has ranked as high as the sixth fastest programmer in the world. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence with honors from Sussex University in the United Kingdom. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has certified Scorpion as being of National Interest to the United States economy and granted him an Extraordinary Ability EB 1-1 Visa (also granted to Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill). Scorpion is a frequent public speaker for IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and teaches as a mentor with the Founder Institute, the world’s largest idea-stage incubator, which has helped launch more than 1,129 companies in 33 countries. Scorpion has worked with the world’s largest mutual fund company, Fujitsu, Microsoft-Trados, Oracle Corporation, Baltimore Technologies, and Critical Path. Walter currently serves as chairman or board member for, Strike Force Solutions, Talentorum Alliance, Lawloop, Pantheon Energy and previously has served on the boards of companies, including American Environmental Energy, Starglobe and Toin Corp. In addition, Scorpion is frequently called on by news media, the government and the federal court system for his technology expertise.

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A Glimpse of the Amazing Future of the Internet of Everything
-April 23, 2015-

Shaun Kirby Cisco
Location: Calit2 Auditorium
Guest Speaker: Shaun Kirby from Cisco

As chief technologist of Cisco Consulting Services, Shaun Kirby is responsible for sensing and evangelizing the key trends that will disrupt and transform the business world. Working across industries, he incubates game-changing solutions to propel customers ahead of the curve, while leading the interlock between the field and Cisco Engineering and Research and Development.

Before joining Cisco, Kirby served as the Chief Architect for Vitria Technology’s Professional Services team. He spearheaded the design and implementation of complex, leading-edge information systems for Vitria’s flagship customers and facilitated unique engineering and field team collaboration that yielded industry-shaping products and solutions. In this capacity, he played a key role in the visioning for a new technology space, Business Event Management (BEM). As Director of Client Delivery and Quality Assurance at Vitria, he established the standards, tools, and best practices that enabled world-class solution delivery.

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1 YEAR Anniversary IoT LA - Ed Arenberg speaker & visiting our friends at ZEFR
-April 21, 2015-

Location: ZEFR ; 1621 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA
Guest Speaker: Ed Arenberg

Hi IoT family,

Please join us for the 8th IoT Meetup at ZEFR with speaker, Edward Arenburg! Ed has been a huge supporter of IoT and has been a guest speaker in various other events. “Edward created EPage, Inc. in 1994, building services in the very early days of the Web.  With the release of the iPhone, they shifted the company focus to mobile.  This expanded to Android when that platform started gaining momentum.  While mostly performing contract work, they delivered over 100 apps in a wide variety of fields including simple games, social networking, vehicle informatics, utilities, merchandising, and business promotion.” We look forward to seeing all of you there!

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Connected Intelligence: People, Places, Things and Work
-March 23, 2015-

Location: Calit2 Auditorium
Guest Speaker: Tim Taylor from Telogis

Tim Taylor has extensive experience in senior leadership positions with start-up and fast-growth companies on an international scale. As founder and CEO of Tycom Corporation (now Kyocera Tycom Corp.), CEO of Tycom Dental Inc. (now SybronEndo Corporation, a division of Sybron Dental Specialties) and CEO of Tulon Inc., he has a track record of successful product development and company leadership in a variety of markets. Prior to joining the team at Telogis, Taylor had been director of Liquidmetal Saga Italy, a technology start-up company aimed at the European luxury goods market in the Veneto region of Italy. Taylor earned a Bachelor of Arts in Russian Language and a Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Southern California.

Calit2 Visits LA for IoT Meetup
-February 19, 2015-

On February 19th, 2015, Calit2 visited Los Angeles to attend the 7th annual IoT meetup! The event was a great turnout. With nearly a hundred people showing up, the event featured our very own Calit2 IoT Evangelist, Mark Bachman, as the speaker and showcased live demonstrations of VERVE2 by inXus Interactive. The meetup event was a great opportunity and place for fellow IoT enthusiasts to connect with each other on their interest of IoT. Special thanks to Tania Damha for organizing the event and Factual for providing the location with such a stunning view!

For more information, please visit: IoT Meetup LA

OC Breakfast Planning Meeting at Calit2
-January 23, 2015-

On January 23, 2015, Calit2 invited some of Orange County’s top leaders in discussing the implementation of IoT into Orange County. The planning meeting was a great success in deciding that OC is definitely a fit candidate for the largest market emerging in recent tech history and will be meeting again to discuss further planning.

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